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If your after the “quick fix” or “Magic Formulae” I’m sorry to disappoint you…but you won’t find that here. See, we don’t believe in quick fixes or miracle pills. Here we trust in the basics.



Our 3 Basic principles

  1. Stay TrueStick to the Process. Be consistent. Believe in the system

  2. Progress, Progress, ProgressResults come from progress, not stagnation. Record data, track averages and seek continual, steady, improvement

  3. Respect RecoveryMore isn’t always better. It’s a start, but it will only get you so far. 



We aren’t focused on abs, photo shoots, “getting shredded” or being “stage ready”

 If abs are your thing, that’s cool  (and we can help) bit that isn’t our focus.

 Our focus is on Self Betterment, Improving health and building a bunch of well rounded humans ready for anything.

A bit of a grand dream, but that is what want!

Broad Stroke approach. Building a foundation of Strength and Aerobic Fitness to make you a Fitter, Stronger and Better version of yourself.

 From this foundation you will be in a better place to specialise down a route of your choice, be it Sport/Competition or hobby related.

 Health comes first, as does trust in tried and time tested methods. You won’t find any fluff here. Gimmicks are something we try to avoid.

We look at what practices have stood the test of time, brought results and worked on a global scale.

 You know the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, we stick by that.  Variety for the sake of variety just leads to insanity…and a lack of results.

Our Coaching Philosophy

  1. The journey from A-B needs a plan, random is not a plan.

  2. Being “Dumb” is useful: Information is everywhere. Application is rare. Stop reading Start doing.

  3. Believe in the basics.

  4. Fear of Failure is a great motivator. Be consistent, stay accountable, see the Process through. This is easy with someone to answer to…Invest yourself in the Process.

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Whatever your goals, through a little hard work & dedication, we can work together to make them happen!

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