Strength Education: SETS Deadlift Assessment & Correction Module. Manchester – Train Media City.

Well, it’s been a loooong day. Just about to clock 36 hours of “awake time”!!

But it has been great.
Fantastic workshop/module learning some in depth yet simple to implement (& effective) corrective drills and assessments to help our clients improve their deadlifts.

Can’t wait to get putting them into practice, getting people moving well and as strong as necessary.

Coaching and instruction by Chet & Derek was fantastically clear today, with just the right about of humour and joking to balance the work out.

And to top it off, every other coach or trainer there today was a top quality Fit Pro as well as generally nice and awesome human.

Looking forward to the Press & Squat Modules I have left to do.

lets fill my head with knowledge and fun 🙂


Now for the last trains of the day to get me home by about 1030pm.

Train Hard
Stay Focused

– Chris H


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