Sunday 9/4/17 – Manchester SETS Deadlift Module & Workshop.

So it’s currently 5am.

I’ve just finished a 6 hour (ish) train and bus journey to get to Manchester &I’m sat in Starbucks nursing a large black coffee and fending off the want, or possibly it’s the need, to sleep.

At 9am I will heading over to the gym [Train Media City] to delve into the SETS Deadlift Assesment and correction workshop hosted by Chet Morjaria of Strength Education & More Than Human Programming. From what I have heard and read this should be a fantastic day with plenty to learn and take away to start applying with my clients.

I’ll try and get another post written up after the workshop briefly covering some of the content we went through. “Some” being a key word here as:

1) I don’t think I would be able to get everything down.

2) Every Paid course we attend obviously cannot be given away for free, but tasters/samples of content will always be offered in case you yourself wish to attend one of the seminars next time.



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