Group Fitness Classes.

In every Town, in every city, every gym and some fields I guarantee you you will find a variety of fitness classes.
Gatherings where You, and various like minded individuals can get together and sweat, lift and train under the guidance of a trainer/coach.

As with most services these days, some are worth their salt, others not so much. But either way GROUP TRAINING is an ever growing and ever popular form of fitness, especially for the general population (that’s You, your friends and family, and pretty much anyone that isn’t a professional athlete) as a means of getting fitter and healthier.

If you have enjoyed or liked the idea of group training, then why not come and try out one of the various HIIT style Interval classes I Coach from Unique Fitness North East [location: Unit 1A Swales Industrial Estate, Howden, NE28 0AL].

What makes our classes different?
– I give you options depending on your needs and how serious you want to be with your training.

  • If you ONLY want to attend the fitness classes, these run:        –
  • Mon, Wed, Fri 6pm-6:30pm (Unique Fitness Timetabled classes)
  • Tue, Thur, Sat 10:30am-11:00am & 2:00pm-2:30pm (Private classes ran by Myself [Circular Roots: Online & Personal Coaching]

If you want something more specific towards your goals, but still in a “Fitness Class” setting then there are a couple of Options:

A) Classes Only: priced at £5 per session or Cheaper with Block Booking [private “Circular Roots” classes / Memberships [Unique Fitness classes]

B) 1 Month of Classes + Basic Nutritional Guidance Coaching [Private Circular Roots classes ONLY] priced from £60 +

C) Online Nutritional Guidance: priced at £34.99 for 2 Months [8 weeks] of Guidance & Macro Setting.
Perfect to use alongside any of the Class options or your own training plan / schedule.


For any extra information you can contact us Via:


Train with Purpose,
Train with Focus.

  • Chris H
    Coach/Owner/PT @ Circular Roots: Online & Personal Coaching.

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