The “Golden” 12

There’s a fairly popular quote among the fitness world:

“It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing”.

The key word here is YOU. Not everyone else, not family, not people in the street..YOU.

You will notice changes in 4 weeks. These changes will largely be “internal” changes.
–  You will have a boost in energy levels.
– You will be more productive.

In the few weeks, your body is building muscle and learning how to burn fat as fuel you will be raising your RMR [resting metabolic rate], This is the rate at which your body burns Calories and food for fuel sources.
If You approach your Fitness with a balanced program combining strength training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition, you can lose up two pounds a week safely and stress free.
While these Changes are small, they are incredibly beneficial [even if the don’t show up on the scale!] so don’t be discouraged. You have taken the first set of purposeful steps towards a healthier and fitter life.

If you have stuck to the process and are following a specific programme throughout the first month, when you reach around Week 8, your body is going to start adapting further, both in the tissues and Central Nervous System [CNS].
The main charge is going to be how efficient your body becomes when presented with the same work load.
You see, the body is very good at learning, adapting and preserving. So around this time, what you may notice is that your progress has begun to slow down or stall…

DON’T PANIC. You havent fallen off the wagon. You haven’t done something wrong. This is completely normal and natural. Like I said earlier, the body is incredibly good at Adapting & Learning.

The simple trick to get past these Stalled points is to switch up your training.

Now this doesn’t mean tossing care to the wind and going full “Muscle Confusion Bro”.       We don’t have time for that shit.

We still want to keep making actual Progress [GAINZ] without putting a spanner in the works.
The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to implement MINOR changes. Minor, small, “itty bitty”… not complete randomness.

Example: Your Bench Press has stalled. You keep plugging away but cant get past your stubborn max.
Make a small change. Swap Flat Bench out for Incline for 4-6 weeks. Reap the rewards of a new stimulus that still follows a similar pattern.

With these new stimuli from the minor tweaks in your programme, you will again start to notice changes.
This time however the changes are going to be more physical! Due to this, those close around us [friends / family ect] can also start to notice the benefits of the hard effort and focus you have been putting in to your new health/exercise regime.

So now you have noticed:
– internal changes in the way you feel day to day
– some physical changes in the way you look and move. Chances are your fiends and those close have noticed these as well.

Now for “everyone else”.

Let me clarify here that I am not advocating the chasing of vanity and other peoples approval. What we mean by everyone else is that;
– The most drastic changes to your health and fitness are the ones people notice by just passing you.

You can tell when you are walking around town ect who takes the time to look after themselves and who doesn’t. After all, you don’t just suddenly wake up with a defined and capable body. YOU have to put the work in for it.

The 12 week mark is approximately the point of three months focused and dedicated training. THIS is when you can look back over the previous months and see just how much progress you have made in the way of:

  • increased strength
  • smaller measurements
  • less body fat
  • more energy
  • greater flexibility
  • boosted confidence & more


If looking back at months gone by / comparing your training log entries and seeing your improvements isn’t motivation enough, then I don’t know what is!

By 12 weeks, you probably haven’t reached your main, overall goal. But I guarentee you that you will have make some fantastic steps and improvements towards it.

Progress comes in baby steps.
Stop chasing the quick fixes.
Lasting results are ALWAYS better than fleeting results.

Give it 12 weeks or more. I promise you you will see results leading towards a healthier/happier You.


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