Even with…


It’s Saturday afternoon & while sorting through my emails, I was thinking.

Specifically I was thinking about the Golden Question most Personal Trainers / Coaches / Professionals in the health and fitness industry get asked on a very regular basis.

“I’ve done everything & its just not working. What else do I need to do?”

This question is usually presented somewhat similar to this:

I am looking for some advice on [insert health/fitness goal here],
Can you help me?
I have trained in gyms before, tried classes, swimming, running, dabbled in Crossfit, followed all of the diets, taken every bit of advice anyone has given to me and I am still stuck.
I have done everything and it just isn’t working. What else do I need to?

– John Doe


So already, some of you may be able to spot a trend here…
Now, this isn’t a problem…more just a lack of correct application.

You see, most of the time when people have a goal or aim to achieve with their health & fitness they all follow one very similar belief. You might have even followed this idea yourself.

That belief is:
“If I want to achieve results, I need to do every possible thing under the sun relating to my goal as much as possible”

Here’s the problem.


In fact do less. Lose all the fancy stuff, lose all the hype and ego.
Strip your training back to basics & be brilliant with them.
Trim the fat from your “Diet”, Monitor what really matters…not everything.

Remember that acronym K.I.S.S – Keep It Simple Stupid

That rings very true.

– Keep it simple
– Keep it appropriate
– Know your “WHY”
– Trust the Process

Even with all the latest kit, the fanciest gadget, the highest costing Coach or Trainer, ALLLL the supplements, Every fancy, unique, diet. The “super secret [insert eastern European country] training systems military scientists don’t want YOU to find out about.

If you lack the basics. If you lack a foundation. The rest WILL crumble.

Give the renegade Black Ops Super Scientists a miss this time.
Instead, Put your head down and:

– Train Hard
– Stay Focused
– Remain Consistent
– Be INCREDIBLE with the Basics

Once that is under wraps, progress will come.

The REAL work is all down to YOU.

Train. Focus. Get Results.


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