Measuring, Managing & Making it all work.

By now, if you have been following any prominent fitness websites, or even just been trying to improve your own health & fitness for a while you will likely have came across this Phrase:

“What gets Measured, Gets Managed”

Heard this before?

I’m sure most of you will have, but for anyone still in the dark here is a quick explanation:

The idea behind “what gets measured gets managed” is a very simple one (we like simple!)
If you want to accurately see that you are progressing, something you do must be measured. Otherwise you have no baseline to compare your progress too!


My 5 Tips:

So if you have a goal to achieve, here are some basic steps to implement this simple strategy (if they sound like common sense, they are! So start making use of them)

  1. Set yourself a MAIN GOAL

  2. Break this main goal into relevant SUB GOALS (small wins you can achieve regularly trump trying to keep to one big goal)


    – Bodyweight

    – Strength on Key Lifts

    – Sleep Quality

    – Overall Mental Performance (whether you feel energised, sluggish/lathargic)

    – Times to complete set benchmark workouts

  4. Record your nutrition

    This can be as detailed as an in-depth meal & macro plan complete with supplements & meal timing strategies OR as simple as a Food Diary with Pictures.


    Get yourself a log book to record your markers and general health ect.


Try implementing these 5 tips into whatever you are currently doing.

Record your training & diet, thoughts/feelings, health & performance in a Log Book.
Review every 12 weeks: Make sure you are progressing in some way, otherwise you are simply going to stagnate, grow frustrated & at worst “fall off the wagon” damaging all of the progress you had made this far.



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