Terms & Conditions

  • Commitment & Consistency: You must be able to commit to 2-4 training sessions per week, the minimum  commitment to your coaching is 12 weeks, unless otherwise agreed.

    While optimal conditions aren’t always possible, you MUST strive for consistency. The process works best with minimal interruptions & deviations. You must be able to be consistent with your approach. Missing a few odd days here and there is fine, missing 2 weeks of the plan…No (unless otherwise discussed, agreed & planned for)

  • Results: I make no promises to guarantee results. The processes of training, progressing & getting results is a 2 way commitment. I can & will promise to answer your questions, build you a training plan, guide you and othwise set you up with the best possible chance of getting results, but after that the hard work and drive is down to you! Get the work done and give yourself the best chance to achieve.

  • Pricing:

    Every client will require a slightly different coaching process as no two individuals are the same. Dependant on your Goals, Training Level, Experience & speed of learning YOU will require a different frequency and approach with your training & diet from the next person.

    Typically prices can range from as little as £10 per week – £350 per month depending on your individual circumstances. All this can be discussed fully during your application process.

  • Payment Options:

    Depending on the style of training we decide on, payments are handled via one of two platforms:

    – PayPal (online payment service provider)

    – My PT Hub (an online/app based training platform for coach and client with built in payment handling)

    Both options are very simple to use, secure & suitable for recurring payments.

  • Billing Frequency:

    Payments can be billed in 1 of 3 frequencies

    – One off “block” Payments (where applicable)

    – Monthly Billing Cycle (minimum 3 month commitment

    – Bi Weekly Billing Cycle (minimum 3 month commitment)

  • Refunds:

    – All Online Coaching options are non refundable:

    This is because, due to the very nature of online training, no in person interaction is required.

    When you engage in our coaching you are agreeing & accepting that the process is reliant on both of us putting the work in.

    – It is my job to design you a successful & usable training/diet plan, provide advice, accountability & contact when you need me.

    – It is your job to perform the workouts, as written, and to follow and stick to your nutritional guidance plan. I cannot make you do this, it is up to you. If you want results, I trust you will stay true to the process.

    If for any reason you need to take a significant break from the coaching process, you will be billed the remainder of your allocated coaching time. The remainder of your plan, as well as some parting guidance, will then be emailed to you within 3-5 days for you to complete when you are ready.

    – All “In Person” coaching options and packages, unless otherwise agreed, have a completion date. If for any reason you need to cancel your coaching, you MUST:
    – Give me AT LEAST 24hrs notice
    – Understand that you will be refunded 70% of the *TOTAL coaching package price. This is because the remaining 30% will be kept by the coach to cover the time/investment/knowledge put in to designing your plan.
    *all “in person” training, unless otherwise specified, is offered in a minimum of 12 weeks. Cancellation/Refunds requested before the 12 week mark will be billed the TOTAL cost before the refund is issued.